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Lincoln - Attractions & Places to Visit


The Collection (Museum)

No stay in a bed & breakfast in Lincolnshire would be complete without sampling some of the city's rich history and heritage. Historic a city as it is, it would be foolish not to have places for Lincoln to showcase relics of its past.


Thankfully such places exist; both The Collection and The Museum of Lincolnshire Life serve as havens for historic artefacts and facts about Lincoln of old, and both offer an excellent visitor experience.


A modern building with sleek wooden floors and glass panelled windows, the Collection is home to a fantastic selection of historical artefacts covering periods from the Ice Age to the Tudors, and everything in between.


With a stunning selection of impressive historical archaeological finds, this wonderful museum offers a great taste of Lincoln from bygone eras, and allows guests and tourists to sample some of the colourful past of this amazing city. Standing in the shadow of the impressive cathedral and castle, The Collection is home to a wide range of authentic historical pieces that are sure to conjure intrigue from even the most unimaginative of visitors.


The dim lighting adds to a sense of mystery and adventure, and cleverly designed exhibits show what life was like in times gone by.


Particular highlights are a real Long Tusked Elephant tusk fragment, a Roman corn drier and, a Viking log boat complete with realistic setting and scents.


Another focal point is the Roman mosaic floor that was recovered from the site of this very museum before it was built. This intricate piece of architecture is embedded into the floor of the museum and preserved by a glass pane over the top, allowing visitors to see it in all its glory.


The Collection is not just about looking though, and has an excellent range of interactive features, including puzzle’s, touch screen computers and authentic dress-up costumes. Visitors are invited to try on the garments of a British warrior in the 1066 Battle of Hastings or those of an Anglo Saxon housewife.


Aside from these excellent exhibits, The Collection, which is open daily between 10am and 4pm, also has the usual amenities, a gift and souvenir shop, and a spacious cafeteria.


As an added extra, there are regular art exhibitions, such as the River Flows East collection of art from China. This particular exhibition showcased the work of Chinese artists who had been inspired by the Yangtze River delta, such as Luo Yongjin's stunning bronze sculptures.


The Collection has drawn critical acclaim from across the nation and further afield. In May 2006, it was on a short list of four innovative museums being considered for the 2006 Gulbenkian Prize.


When staying at a Lincolnshire bed and breakfast, it's hard to escape the nostalgic sense of history that hangs over the wonderful city, and The Collection offers a superb and engaging experience for visitors of all ages to enjoy the culture and past that Lincoln has to offer.


Historical and scenic walks in Lincoln


When staying at a bed and breakfast in lincoln, it will be hard to escape the sense of adventure and intrigue that spreads across the city. If you're a keen explorer, walking can be a great way to get around and see some of the city's lesser known beauty spots, and sometimes you can even incorporate a frightening twist into your route!


Here are a couple of our favourite Lincoln walks...

Roman Walk


For tourists who love the great outdoors, the Roman Walk is a great way to sample Lincoln's history without being caught in the hustle and bustle of the city centre. The walk follows a path originally constructed by the Romans, and runs next to the River Witham, providing a idyllic and calming backdrop.


There are plenty of secluded spots for keen anglers, and bird-watchers will be in their element with the amount of wild life along the walk.


The Roman walk is open to cyclists, so the more adventurous tourist may wish to experience the scenery on two wheels. Those who go far enough can call in at the Pyewipe Inn for a well deserved pint of Lincolnshire ale.

Ghost Walk


If you enjoy your walks with an added twist, why not try the Lincoln Ghost Walk?


The walk has been guided for more than 15 years by Margaret Green, who appears dressed for the occasion in a black cloak with white hair and pale face.


Those brave enough to take the walk are guided around the various haunted corners of Lincoln, and are told of the gruesome deaths that have occurred in this historic city.


As Margaret guides the walkers through the winding cobbled streets of ancient Lincoln, she recounts the chilling story of The Ghostly Horseman, of whom many people have reported seeing dashing across the Castle Square around midnight, rushing to deliver a pardon that would have saved a prisoner from execution many years ago. Having fallen asleep in front of a roaring fire, the Horseman failed to deliver his pardon and legend has it that to this day he still gallops to the Castle to fulfil his duty to the King.


Margaret also tells the spine tingling tale of The Bishop's Guardian; a figure that had scared some would-be robbers and prevented them from mugging the Bishop of Lincoln in the early 20th century. The scary twist is provided by the fact that the Bishop was walking alone at the time of that incident... or so he thought.


Margaret has plenty more stories of this ilk, and the ghost walk is a fantastic alternative way to explore the old streets of Lincoln.


The walk runs Thursday to Saturday at 7pm, though walkers are asked to arrive at the tourist information centre at the Castle around ten minutes before departure time.

If you enjoy walking and exploring, there are few better cities than Lincoln to satisfy your needs. With its stunning scenery, beautiful architecture and friendly locals, walks in Lincoln are a great experience. And for those who like a scary edge to their pursuits, the ghost walk is a great option; just make sure there's nothing hiding in the wardrobe when you retreat back to your Lincoln bed and breakfast!


Sample the arts at Lincoln Drill Hall


If you're looking for things to do of an evening whilst staying at your Lincoln bed and breakfast, the Lincoln Drill Hall is likely have something to suit your tastes.


In this most cultural of cities, the Drill Hall offers a wide range of exciting events and occasions. From theatrical productions, comedy shows, musical theatre, pantomimes and music events, it's a place that has lots going on all through the year.


With an impressive commitment to promoting arts and culture in the city, and making them more accessible to the general public, the Drill Hall is a long established institution in the city of Lincoln. And it carries out this dedication to merging the arts with society to great effect, with its many shows, events exhibitions often being admission free. It really is a great incentive, and attracts a great many visitors, both locals and tourists.


Many people often dismiss the idea of the arts and think it's not for them, but if there's a free show then why not take a look? What have you got to lose? After all, if it really isn't your thing, it hasn't cost you a penny. But you never know, you may well end up discovering a hidden passion that you never knew you had. Few people visit the Drill Hall and remain one-time guests.


If that's not enough to get you through the door, then rest assured that the Drill Hall also boasts an impressive and popular cafe bar, where guests can enjoy good food and a social drink. There's also often free live music in here, with local musician Peter Wray a regular fixture with his acoustic guitar.


Opened more than a hundred years ago, the Drill Hall was    originally used as a training building for military and police personnel. Indeed, it takes its name from the training drills that took place within.


During the 1990's, the Drill Hall stood practically abandoned and in a state of considerable despair. With talks at an advanced stage to sanction its demolition, the community came together to save it, and campaigned tirelessly to prevent its destruction. Since its renovation, the Drill Hall has more than repayed that show of faith from the locals, providing high quality entertainment all year round.


It is ideally located in the centre of Lincoln, and therefore means that you can easily extend your night with a few drinks at the local bars and clubs if you wish.


Having become a key part of Lincoln's culture, the Drill Hall is a great place to enjoy an evening of fantastic entertainment that doesn't hurt your wallet. Before you slump into bed at your Lincoln bed and breakfast, we'd definitely recommend that you check out what's on at the Drill Hall!


Boat Trips in Lincoln


If you are staying at a guest house in Lincoln and fancy a different look at the city, why not try taking it in via the waterways?


Lincoln Boat Trips offer an hour long guided canal trip on board the Brayford Belle, complete with a commentary that informs tourists of the history of the city. The trips run from Easter to the end of September seven days a week, and at weekends during October.


The boat itself is a double decker with ample space for passengers, and a canopy on the top deck. There lower deck is fully heated and there is a bar on board that sells the typical selection of refreshments.


The trip takes in the sights of Lincoln and the surrounding countryside via the River Witham, and is a great way for tourists to learn of the medieval history of the city. As you meander through Lincoln's waterways, you'll discover how the city used to look, and which were the most important parts during Lincoln's establishment and development. It really is like taking a trip down memory lane, or should that be 'memory river'?


In addition to finding out all about Lincoln's past, the boat trip presents the most accessible and conceivable way to explore the city in its entirety in a single day. Travelling the width of Lincoln, you can see how the modern day city functions, and compare it to the historical version as you hear what it used to be like.


For those tourists who are feeling more adventurous, there is the opportunity to rent a small self-drive motorboat that can hold up to six passengers. These can be used for up to three hours, and are a great alternative for those who wish to view Lincoln's waterways at their own pace. Take it slow and enjoy some of the most famous landmarks, or go all out and take in the entire city during your trip; the choice is yours.


The boats can provide an exhilarating method for tourists to skip along the water and take in the sights in a more adrenaline charged way. If you like to take it easy, you can saunter along and soak up the history and atmosphere of Lincoln. Or if you prefer, you can get that buzz by taking a faster paced jaunt along the open water.


Insurance issues mean that these hire boats are only available to couples over 30 years of age or to families.


Lincoln offers many historical and cultural gifts, although many remain hidden to the vast majority of tourists. If you're staying at a Lincoln b&b, why not use the opportunity to get an alternative impression of the city by exploring through the ancient waterways aboard a boat?







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